Development for funding – funding for development

Project funding, planning and monitoring with the help of PDGE consultants

Do you have an interesting idea, initiative or project, but your problem is finding project funding or identifying funding opportunities? Or, rather, do you need help with structuring your idea into a project and managing it successfully?

PDGE Project Development Group Europe Ltd is a network of independent consultants whose mission is to help our customers’ projects take off and fly high. You can read more about us here. Our customers include both companies and public sector organisations that require expert help with e.g.

  • Shaping an idea into a project
  • Searching for project partners
  • Preparing a project budget
  • Technical monitoring and reporting for the project
  • Internationalisation strategies
  • The Stongest In Finland Sertificate

    The purpose of all our services is to enable the success of all our customers' projects, and to bring growth with them. Take a closer look at our services!

    Succeed with us – contact us about an initial mapping that is free of charge!

    An external expert brings experience and insight to your project, as well as helping you with its commercialisation and applying for project funding.  We can perform an initial mapping free of charge on potential funding programmes and on how project planning can be funded. When you wish your project to take off, contact PDGE consultants!