Development for funding – funding for development

Projects, development initiatives and internationalisation

PDGE’s strongest areas of expertise are projects, development initiatives and internationalisation. Our customers include both private companies and the public sector and we help them in all phases of the project from identifying funding opportunities and looking for cooperation partners to project reporting to the funders. For companies aiming for international markets, we will help with preparing internationalisation strategies and their implementation.

PDGE consulting services

We support and consult our customer companies with many kinds of projects and their different phases. Our services include e.g.

Identifying funding possibilities

Applying for funding for an innovation, initiative or project is a complicated process. It takes a lot of time from the project itself, but at the same time it is an important part of the project launch and its success. We have experience with different kinds of project funding models and possibilities in the European Union. We will help with structuring development ideas into project form, looking for sources for funding from public funding programmes and looking for international partners for the project.

Tell us about your development needs; we can perform an initial mapping free of charge on potential funding programmes and regarding how project planning can be funded!

From Idea to Project services

It is often difficult to package an idea into a form of a project that would be attractive and interesting from the point of view of funders as well. PDGE’s consultants will help you with precisely this dilemma, and not only with this but with all the different phases of the project - our experts can even engage in project management for your project if needed. Our services include e.g.

  • Structuring development needs into project form
  • Preparing a project plan
  • Searching for project partners, both domestically and abroad.
  • Project management services, interim manager service
  • Delivering project publications (e.g. newsletters, compliations of articles), also translating and taking care of publication when needed
  • Project-specific design of contract and financial administration structures
  • Technical monitoring of the project and reporting to the funder

Help with internationalisation

Our skilled and experienced consultants are worth more than gold to a company or project planning internationalisation. We help e.g. with planning the strategy for the internationalisation process, marketing analyses, localisation of products and services, training management groups and increasing personnel capacity to correspond with new markets.  PDGE also has management and representation services in the Western Balkan area.

Are you interested?

If you would like to hear more about our services for advancing the growth and internationalisation of companies and the public sector, do not hesitate to contact PDGE’s experts to discuss in more detail how we can help you.